25 August 2013

Street Photographs from Reay Road

It was a sunday, and I decided to step towards an unknown part of Mumbai. Its always interesting to visit new streets. I have no idea what to expect, how will the people in the area react. It makes the shoot more challenging.  The streets we moved around are around Byculla. Its on the harbor line, the erstwhile industrial belt, close to coal bunder and near well known Reay Road railway station.

This part of the city is grim and crowded. The roads are full of lorries and trucks moving goods - coal, iron, scrap..

This is also the first post with photographs from my new Panasonic DMC LX7 with a Leica Sumilux F 1.4 super fast lens. LX7 is a small monster packed with features. This being the first day, I ended up shooting in JPEGs. Am very pleased with the color rendition and overall quality. The autofocus is fast and the step zoom lends to 'zone focusing' - best for streets. I have a feeling that this will be my new companion on the streets now on. Anyways, here are select photographs from the day.

Goats and Men. It was 7 am and people had started getting on with morning chores. (Other nice elements as well - Did you notice the white ears!)

Visual aesthetics is important for me. The large cranes on the jetty and the reflections against a strong sun  made it an interesting shot. What do you think. (This is the coal jetty)
The camera holds the colors well, the dynamic range was high here, but overall very pleased with Lumix LX7. The composition made this a keeper, I pretty much got what I wanted here. The fella on the right .. well I would have liked him not looking up towards me.

This is my favorite of the day. The streets here were full of such homes, the floor above the shop. 

and did I mention the trucks waiting for the goods. This fellow who just got up from his sleep (in the truck cabin) wasnt much amused.

Reay Road deserves a visit again - for the many untold stories that I saw but missed to capture and many more I am sure which remain to be discovered.

If you have come so far, please do take a minute to leave a comment below. I have been away from blog for sometime and it would be great to connect once again.


Kaushal Parikh said...

Nice pics Mayank. I too shot there recently. Let me know if you want to plan a walk around there together one of these days.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Wonderful shots...

mayankpandey said...

thanks Siddhartha. Glad to hear from you. I came back after a long time too. Promise to be more regular now.

mayankpandey said...

thanks Kaushal. Do post your images. And I am going to lap up the offer to shoot together ! :-) what more could I ask as inspiration for shoot.

Abi said...

I must say the beauty lies in the hands of photographer.