19 April 2013

From my neighbourhood

I remain irregular on the streets. Much angst. And I promise to myself every second day that I will change it and the next weekend will make up for lost time. The weekends seem to have become shorter and weekdays longer.

Most of these are made in and around Chandivali - one the streets leading to the lake and around the lake. This area is interesting. I am yet to explore during later afternoon when the light is fantastic. Will keep that for next weekend.

Being at right place and right time. Well not really! Followed these 2 women on the lake promenade for some distance till they both gave me this split second perfect frame.
I remember this bunch clearly. It was quiet late in the evening, the light was almost nil. They wanted a group photo. The noise due to high ISO looked nice. This one is a keeper just for the memory

Nice sensitive moment being shared between the couple and the shadows / hand nice juxtapose. I was a few feets away from where I would ideally liked to be.

Three generations. The moment was special. Mom probably seeing off the son or is something else happening. I like the fact that this shot could be taken anywhere in India and there is a sense of timelessness here.
And some in color too.
The streets are really colorful. The green and blues , well coordinated.
Color Coordinated
Color Coordinated

Light Play
To work
parks are great places to shoot. Most folks are usually least bothered about someone taking their photographs.
Light Play2

And there remains many a lanes left unexplored for another day.


Do keep coming back. More work coming soon.

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