01 February 2014

Faces from Spiti - the desert middle land

Kunzum La, On way Manali to Kaza

Spiti happened to me in July 2013. I traveled solo to the cold desert of Spiti, and returned back with endearing memories and warmth of people.

For more than 6 months my life refused to return back. Its only now that the images have started to fade.. names of places that are on tongue tip but refuse to speak when you want them. It was thus that I thought that I should do this post.

But I landscapes and landscapes. And that is not exactly what this blog is about, so I thought of doing this post on candid portraits from the Spiti Valley.

After a 12 hour backbreaking ride from Manali, we reached Kaza, the largest town and headquarter of Spiti Valley. At height of 3650 mtrs/ 12000 ft, Kaza was the lowest altitude stop for us. Kaza town situated next to Spiti River with a growing population of 3000 is the most densely populated.This was shot on the first day we landed in Kaza. The valley was awash in golden sun light and the lady was checking her shots out on the DSLR LCD.
Local Women in Kaza

Monks / Lamas are a friendly lot and their warm smiles make them great subjects to shoot. 

Her intense look was not anger, I am sure of that. But she wasn't amused why she was subject of interest. I didnt tell her that I loved the way how the lines on her face resembled the lines on the wall behind her.

The sun is harsh, even when the temperature are cold. It is usual to see small babies on the back, while mothers work hard during the day.

A young girl in Demul village at the sundown. The cattle are returning home.

Another monk in Tabo Gompa.

These are images shot in Komic, the highest inhabited village in Asia at 4500 mtr above sea level.

Hope you enjoyed the series. Tell us what you thought about it. 


Prasad Np aka desi Traveler said...

wonderful pictures, life and beauty of a very rugged land....

mayankpandey said...

Thanks Prasad. Glad you liked them.

mayankpandey said...

Thanks Ritu. A lot to be explored.

joshi daniel said...

beautiful :)